Access Control (PS-08-009)

Each agency is responsible for establishing access control measures that limits access (logical and/or physical) to only those individuals that are authorized to obtain it.

Accountability of Assets (PS-08-002)

Establishes accountability for all hardware and software acquired using public funds

Accountability, Change Management and Process Improvement Act of 2016 (HB676) (GM-17-001)

In an effort to increase the success rate of large Information Technology initiatives, Georgia has established best practices for the planning and implementation of these investments.

Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment (PM-04-002)

Rules, Regulations and Procedures Governing the Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment

Active Directory (SA-03-009)

Specifies Active Directory requirements, topology and design

Applications with Standard Desktop Client (SA-10-004)

Standard desktop clients

Appropriate Use and Monitoring (SS-08-001)

Standards for appropriate use and monitoring of IT resources

Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (PS-08-003.2)

Defines appropriate use IT resources

Authorization and Access Management (SS-08-010)

Requires managed access to state facilities and information resources

Bluetooth (SO-06-004)

Deployment of wireless technology