Creating or Revising PSGs


  • PSG – “Policy”, “Standard” or “Guideline”
  • A Policy is a general or high level statement of a direction, purpose, principle, process, method, or procedure for managing technology and technology resource.
  • A Standard is a prescribed or proscribed specification, approach, directive, procedure, solution, methodology, product or protocol which must be followed.
  • A Guideline is similar to either a standard or a policy, in that it outlines a specific principle, direction, directive, specification, or procedure but is not binding. Rather, a guideline is a recommended course of action.
  • EGAP – The Enterprise Governance and Planning Division
  • EGAP Business Ownership Topics
  • Director Security Program Management Office (CISO) – all security PSGs
  • Director Enterprise Portfolio Management Office – Project, program and portfolio PSGs
  • Director Strategy Office – Strategy, planning PSGs
  • Director Cross Function Frequency Management Office – Continuity, infrastructure and radio PSGs
  • GTA Business Ownership Topics
  • CFO – Financial
  • COO – Infrastructure, operational
  • CTO – Portal and mobility
  • CISO (Director Security Program Management Office) - Security


  1. Anyone (GTA or agency) can request a PSG or revision to a PSG. 
  2. Requests are directed to the Policy Coordinator.
  3. The Policy Coordinator performs an initial examination of the request to determine the following:
    1. If a PSG is justified (continue or stop work),
    2. Will the request yield a revised or new PSG.
    3. The GTA business owner for a the PSG,
    4. What is the criticality of the proposed PSG.
  4. The Policy Coordinator seeks EGAP managerial approval to create the PSG or drop the request.  For suggested changes to existing PSGs this step also will involve the EGAP Business Owner described in “Review of Existing PSGs”
  5. The Policy Coordinator briefs the GTA Business Owner (for example: the GTA Business Owner of a PSG involving data center operations would be GTAs Chief Operating Officer) intended PSG content and lets the Business Owner know that he/she will be expected to physically sign-off on the PSG when it is in the official approval process.  The GTA business owner will identify one or more SMEs to work with the Policy Coordinator to create (or revise) the requested PSG.  
  6. SMEs and the Policy Coordinator draft the new or revised PSG and prepare an Impact Statement.
  7. The GTA Policy Coordinator takes the draft through approval and publication processes. The approval and publication processes are described in “APPROVAL AND PUBLICATION OF PSGs” below).