PSGs Introduction

This site contains the currently published State of Georgia enterprise policies, standards and guidelines (PSGs). 

PSGs in this website are organized following the controls framework advanced by the ITGovernance Institute in a publication entitled Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) version 4.1.  Cobit provides good practices across a process framework in a manageable and logical structure.  The State of Georgia enterprise policies, standards and guidelines are mapped to the Cobit framework accessible through the full index found at the right of the screen.  Where the State of Georgia has not published specific PSGs, the framework entry will be so noted.

Working definitions for the terms "policy", "standard" and "guideline" as used by the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) are as follows:

  • Policy – A general or high level statement of a direction, purpose, principle, process, method, or procedure for managing technology and technology resources.
  • Standard – A prescribed or proscribed specification, approach, directive, procedure, solution, methodology, product or protocol which must be followed.
  • Guideline – A guideline is similar to either a standard or a policy, in that it outlines a specific principle, direction, directive, specification, or procedure but is not binding. Rather, a guideline is a recommended course of action. 

In this section you will find several groupings of PSGs organized as follows:

- All PSGs arranged alphabetically by the Title

- All PSGs arranged by the PSG number

- All Security Standards