Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment (PM-04-002)

Rules, Regulations and Procedures Governing the Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment

International Teleworking and Remote Access (SS-22-001 )

This standard establishes minimum security requirements for teleworking and remotely accessing state information systems while traveling internationally.

Non-State Technology and Computing Devices (SS-12-002)

Rules of appropriate use and all other governance regarding information and data security apply to non-State issued technology devices used to access non-public State information and technology resources

Privacy in the Workplace (SS-12-001)

No expectation of privacy shall be assumed when accessing non-public State information resources and assets

Remote Access (PS-08-023)

Requires protection from risks associated with remote access

Social Media Guidelines (GM-11-002)

Guidelines to Use Social Media

Teleworking and Remote Access (SS-08-037)

Security requirements for telework and remote access to state information systems

Wireless and Mobile Computing (SS-08-039)

Minimum security requirements for wireless network implementation