Deployment Certification (SA-10-009)

Requires a Deployment Certification

Enterprise Information Security Charter (PS-08-005.3)

Commits the State of Georgia to protecting information systems and data from unauthorized disclosure, modification, use, or destruction

Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) (SM-15-009)

the keystone enterprise standard to guide governance of managing IT provisioning (SaaS, Paas, IaaS, etc.) according to risk.

Exemption from State Policies and Standards (SM-11-007)

Requires a Request for Exemption from a PSG

Incident Response and Reporting (SS-08-004)

Requirements for information security incident response and reporting

Information Technology Reporting (SS-08-053)

Annual reporting requirements

Information Technology Review Policy (PM-06-001)

To ensure that proposed agency information technology initiatives are consistent with the State's strategies and goals, and with enterprise IT policies and standards.

Information Technology Review Standard SM-08-103 (SM-08-103 )

Specifies GTA and agency responsibilities concerning State oversight of information technology (IT) investments with respect to State and agency strategic goals, and with enterprise policies and standards.

Information Technology Strategic Plan (SM-09-003)

Agencies must develop and maintain an IT strategic plan

Large IT Project Executive Decision-Making Board (PM-17-001)

Establish the decision-making authority for large IT initiatives/projects (hereafter referred to as “IT Projects”) within the state enterprise.