Effective Date: 6/1/2008

Revision Date: 1/31/2023


To specify GTA and agency responsibilities concerning State oversight of information technology (IT) investments with respect to State and agency strategic goals, and with enterprise policies and standards.


I. Requirements for IT Initiatives Anticipated to Cost $500,000 or More

1.  Information Technology investments, including upgrades and expansions to existing technology solutions and associated agreements anticipated to have a 5-year total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) of $500,000 or more are subject to this standard.  See “Cost” definition in “Terms and Definitions” below.  Its application includes but is not restricted to hardware, software, system development, technology services, enhancements and modifications.  See “IT Investments” definition in “Terms and Definitions” below.

2.  Any information technology initiative subject to this standard must submit to GTA a Planned Investment Notification (PIN) [formerly known as an Agency Project Request (APR)].   The description of the process required to submit a PIN can be found at GTA’s information website:

        Investment Management | Georgia Technology Authority

3.  Agencies shall submit PINs as soon as a decision has been reached to initiate an investment, but no later than the initiation of procurement activities.  DOAS requires that a PIN be submitted to GTA to publish procurement documents on the State Procurement Registry.

II. Requirements for IT Investments Anticipated to Cost Less Than $500,000

1.  Information technology acquisitions, as well as upgrades and expansions to existing technology solutions and associated agreements anticipated to cost less than $500,000 which are also anticipated to deviate from GTA Enterprise Policies and Standards are subject to SM-11-007.02 EXEMPTION FROM STATE POLICIES AND STANDARDS.  Its application includes but is not restricted to hardware, software, and system development, enhancements and modifications.  See “Costs” definition in “Terms and Definitions” below.

III. GTA’s IT Review of PINs is for the purposes of:

  1. Ensuring consistency with State’s and agency’s Strategic Goals

  2. Capturing baseline data for the State Investment Portfolio and Pipeline report

  3. Ensuring a budget has been established and funding sources identified

  4. Initiating a preliminary risk assessment based on criticality and constraints identified by the agency

  5. Establishing initial contact with the Business Owner of the investment for ongoing Investment Governance activities

  6. Analyzing possible strategies for providing Project Assurance

IV. Exemptions from This Standard

1.  Initiatives, regardless of cost, involving the acquisition of the following items are exempt from technology review by GTA.   Exempted items are:

a. Building control systems and maintenance

b. Closed circuit TV systems and maintenance

c. Computer-controlled industrial equipment and maintenance

d. Consumable IT supplies (media, toner, ink, etc.)

e. Standalone/non-networked digital copiers and maintenance

f. Standalone/non-networked facsimile machines

g. Instructional equipment and maintenance

h. Laboratory equipment and maintenance

i. Life support and monitoring equipment and maintenance

j. Mailing equipment/systems and maintenance

k. Scientific equipment and maintenance

l. Routine maintenance and routine software modifications of existing systems.


Cost is the sum of all anticipated expenditures over the life of the project, including but not limited to: consultant fees; salaries for new and existing employees; software license and maintenance fees; hardware and maintenance expenses; telecommunication and connectivity expenses; deployment expenses; training expenses and any other expenses associated with the project. However, costs shall not include existing, full-time state personnel tasked with the planning, implementation, and support of technology.