Authorization and Access Management (SS-08-010)

Requires managed access to state facilities and information resources

International Teleworking and Remote Access (SS-22-001 )

This standard establishes minimum security requirements for teleworking and remotely accessing state information systems while traveling internationally.

Network Access and Session Controls (SS-08-048)

Requires control and monitoring of network sessions

Network Security - Boundary Protection (SS-08-047 )

Requires network boundary protection

Network Security - Information Flow (PS-08-030)

Requires protection of information traversing networks

Network Security Controls (PS-08-027)

Requires network security controls

Password Authentication (PS-08-006)

Establishes use of passwords as primary authentication mechanism

Remote Access (PS-08-023)

Requires protection from risks associated with remote access

Secure Remote Access (SS-08-038)

Requires protection of systems from risks associated with remote access

Teleworking and Remote Access (SS-08-037)

Security requirements for telework and remote access to state information systems