Bluetooth (SO-06-004)

Deployment of wireless technology

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (PS-08-025)

Requires plans to maintain continuity of essential state government operations and services

Change Management (PS-08-015)

Requirements for a formal change management process

Classification of Personal Information (SS-08-002)

Standards for categorizing personal information

Cloud Provisioning Policy (PS-22-001)

Governance of cloud-based provisioning according to risk.

Computer Operations Center Security (SS-08-016)

Minimum security requirements for computer operations centers

Computer Security Incident Management (PS-08-004)

Establishes the process for detecting and responding to security incidents

Contingency Planning (SS-08-045)

Requires plans to sustain or recover/restore critical operations in the event of a system disruption or disaster

Cryptographic Controls (SS-08-040)

Minimum requirements for the use of cryptographic controls

Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (SS-20-001)

Establishes an enterprise Cybersecurity Cabability Maturity Model to provide a structure for State agencies to baseline current capabilities in cybersecurity while establishing a foundation for consistent evaluation.