SS-08-011 Email Use and Protection

Issue Date: 3/21/2008

Effective Date: 3/21/2008

Review Date: 7/1/2018


State email is provided as a tool to assist state employees and its representatives to conduct official business on behalf of the state.  This document establishes standards for the appropriate use and protection of state email systems


All electronic mail (email) transmitted to or from a State of Georgia email system shall be governed by the following enterprise security standards: Acceptable Use and Monitoring; Electronic Records Management; and Electronic Communications Accountability and well as comply with all applicable state and federal regulations and agency policy. 

Access to email shall be governed by the Authorization and Access Control and Password Protection Standards.

Email passwords shall not be stored or passed in clear text (encrypted).

Email systems shall be protected from viruses, interception and other malicious intentions.

Use of state email systems for the creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages is prohibited.

Mass mailings about viruses or other malware warnings shall not be distributed by general users and shall be validated, approved and distributed by the appropriate security administrators.


Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (PS-08-003) 

Appropriate Use and Monitoring (SS-08-001)

Electronic Communications Accountability (SS-08-009)

Authorization and Access Management (SS-08-010)

Password Security (SS-08-007)

Email Administration - Distribution Lists (SA-07-010)


Electronic Mail, abbreviated email or email, is a method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems or Email Systems. The term email applies both to the Internet email system based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and to intranet systems allowing users within one company or organization to send messages to each other.

Email Systems are software and hardware systems that transport messages from one computer user to another. Email systems range in scope and size from a local email system that carries messages to users within an agency or office over a local area network (LAN) or an enterprise-wide email system that carries messages to various users in various physical locations over a wide area network (WAN) email system to an email system that sends and receives messages around the world over the internet. Often the same email system serves all three functions.

Email Messages are electronic documents created and sent or received by a computer via an email system. This definition applies equally to the contents of the communication, the transactional information, and any attachments associated with such communication. Email messages are similar to other forms of communicated messages, such as correspondence, memoranda and circular letters.