Software Management Standard (SM-19-001)


To ensure that the installation and use of software may reduce and/or eliminate legal liability for the State of Georgia and its users. This standard provides direction regarding the acquisition, use, distribution and redistribution of commercial, public domain, and State-authored software and Software Licenses.


Information Technology Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PM-04-001) [or add: Enterprise Information Security Charter (PS-08-005)]


Adhering to Copyright Laws and License Agreements

All State agencies shall adhere to all copyright laws and packaged Software License agreements. Packaged software products shall only be provisioned in accordance with license agreements. The use of copy protection bypass software is prohibited. U.S. Copyright Law generally prohibits the duplication, distribution or installation of copyrighted software unless the license agreement specifically allows these actions.

Copying Licensed Software

Software licensed to run on a specific computer or at a particular site shall not be copied onto another computer or another site without written authorization from the vendor (e.g., when allowed specifically by the vendor’s written Software License agreement).

State agencies should be aware that many open-source software titles are governed by a Software License agreement that limits how the software may be used, modified or distributed.

Illegal Software

Illegally copied Software, software downloaded from an unauthorized source, or unauthorized shareware/freeware may not be used on the State network, computers or other information resources.

Independently Purchased Software

It is the responsibility of State agencies to read, understand and abide by the terms of any Software License agreement for software purchased independently (including individually packaged software purchased directly through a vendor’s website).

Centrally Distributed Software

When the State and/or agencies provide software at no cost for business use, the agency shall instruct users on how to comply with essential contract or license terms, including general limitations that have been placed on use of the software. This instruction shall take the form of instruction by the agency IT support provider distributing or installing the software, or via notifications on the website or file share where the software is provided.

IT Support for Software Installations

Agencies shall only install software, initially or as a renewal license for subscription-based software, when valid proof of license is available. The presence of a particular software title on a user’s prior system(s), or possession of the Installation Media, Installation Source Files or Software License Key may not entitle the user to have that software title installed on a new or replacement computer.

Agency IT staff may not distribute Software License Keys in violation of State contracts and license agreements. It is the agency’s responsibility to annually manage, monitor, inventory and audit all software and application licenses in use.


Appropriate Use of IT Resources (PS-08-003)

Appropriate Use and Monitoring (SS-08-001)