SM-14-008 GTA Endorsement of Proposed Technology Procurement

Issue Date: 4/30/2014

Effective Date:  4/30/2014

Review Date: 4/30/2019


Georgia Law establishes the Georgia Technology Authority’s (GTAs) authority to approve all technology used in State government.  Technology which is endorsed by GTA is eligible for procurement.  This standard provides for the process for agencies to submit procurement instruments to the State Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for such review.


1.              An agency proposing to procure any technology shall, no later than ten (10) days prior to planned release of procurement instruments to the marketplace, submit copies of the procurement instruments to the  State Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for review (Submitted to [email protected] email address). 

2.              The agency shall also supplement the information contained in procurement instruments with descriptions of the agency’s currently used and proposed business processes and system(s) sufficient to answer the following questions:

a.   What is the intended use of the proposed technology and the overall security impact categorization of the use?

b.   What are current workload drivers (types of business transactions and volumes that impact the current system) and how will these drivers change over time using the proposed technology (forecasts of performance and capacity)?

c.    What are the potential risks to the State and the agency presented by the use of the proposed technology?  The assessment shall include, but not be limited to the following:

1).    Integration of the proposed technology within the proposed operational environment (the enterprise operational environment, the agency’s operational environment or the vendor’s environment). 

2).    Electronic linkages of the proposed technology to other state systems.  Provide high level architectural descriptions supporting each planned electronic linkage of the proposed technology to other state systems.

3).    Support staff skills and capabilities required by the proposed technology,

4).    Operational staff skills and capabilities required by the proposed technology. 

3.              The agency shall remit sufficient other documentation that answers the following questions relative to the proposed technology and its intended usage:   

a.   How do industry information sources and/or vendors of the technology place the proposed technology within industry acceptance, technology maturity, and industry best practices?  

b.   How is the proposed technology now used, or previously been used, within the State enterprise operational environment?

c.    What other states have implemented the proposed technology?

4.  An endorsement decision (full or partial endorsement or denial) shall be provided by the State CTO to the Agency Head, Agency CIO, Business Owner, DOAS and OPB. 

Terminology and Exemptions

Terminology and Exemptions to this standard shall be consistent with those defined in enterprise standard SM-08-103 Information Technology Review.

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