PM-03-003 Enterprise Architecture

Issue Date:  3/14/2003

Revision Effective Date: 3/14/2003


Information Technology (IT) will have a prominent and progressive role in the new millennium as the single most important enabler for improving efficiency and effectiveness in organizations. The State of Georgia recognizes the role of IT as an effective tool in catalyzing efficient delivery of services and efficient governance in a constantly evolving environment.

This purpose of this policy is to encourage the State of Georgia to establish an Enterprise Architecture for state’s technology infrastructure. This policy further seeks to support the creation of technology standards and specifications that support the Enterprise Architecture.


The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), in collaboration with state agencies, shall establish, update and maintain an Enterprise Architecture for the state technology infrastructure. The purpose of this architecture shall be to promote the efficient use of state technology resources; encourage interoperability amongst agencies; promote economic development; and, support the delivery of public services through a technology infrastructure that works better, costs less and is capable of serving the citizens’ needs with ease.


Enterprise Architecture -Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a framework that is designed to coordinate the many facets of IT that comprise the state’s technology infrastructure. It is a plan which supports the components that collectively comprise an enterprise’s business architecture.

Components of the business architecture include aspects of business planning such as goals, visions, strategies and governance principles; aspects of business operations such as business terms, organization structures, processes and data; aspects of automation such as application systems and databases; and the enabling technological infrastructure of the business such as computers, operating systems and networks.

Technology or Technology Resources – The terms Technology or Technology Resources shall have the meaning given such terms in O.C.G.A. Section 50-25-1(b)(12).