SA-10-004 Applications with Standard Desktop Client

Issue Date:  9/15/2009 

Revision Effective Date:  3/15/2010 


Applications operated by the State usually have an operational lifetime that far exceeds the lifetime of desktop computing systems and their software components.   Agencies incur significant risk for frequent application maintenance and modernization costs by designing business applications to include customized components that operate on desktop computing systems, and desktop configurations and may change radically over time leading to compatibility issues.  Costs for testing, redesign, implementation and subsequent maintenance of customized desktop components, as well as reloading customized components as they are maintained can be substantial.  This standard establishes application design criteria to minimize this risk and continuing cost to the State.


  1. The standard client software/program which runs on end user computers to support the State’s business applications shall be an industry standard web browser.   Web browsers shall not be customized for State use.


      2.  Applications shall be brought into compliance with this standard as agencies:

         A.  Establish new applications,

         B.  Replace applications, or

         C.  Significantly alter/modify applications.